Salami seasoningThe factory, founded in 1958 by Frati Pongolini family, is specialized in pork slaughtering and manufacturing of coppa, salami, pancetta, culatello, fiocchetto, spalla cotta of San Secondo and seasonal products like cicciolata, cotechino, prete and zampone. The manufacturing of all products is effected exclusively with traditional methodologies, which guarantee a natural and valued product and have made the firm an important reality in the Parma territory.

Culatello seasoning Pigs are fed with high quality cereals and come only form local stock-farms, where expert butchers slaughter pigs every week. Manufacturing and seasoning of all products are made with traditional methodologies and news technologies, assuring and improving the slow process of seasoning.
All the porks products offer characteristics of high quality and genuineness which give to the consumer the pleasure of past and incomparable flavours of the old days. The factory works in respect of the European Community laws and sanitary regulations as a warranty to the consumer.